Prospero Financial works to provide private equity capital to the oil and gas industry. Our leadership team are veterans of the oil patch and they are equipped with cutting edge business best practices and firepower in finance, data analytics and consulting. Some of them have built and ran businesses in the oil and gas – and they are focused on growing companies that out-perform industry comparables while delivering superior returns for investors.


Value creation is key in our strategy for portfolio companies. We invest in assets even as we deploy practices that drive growth and make our acquisitions high performers. We explore opportunities that allow for sustainability post-exit. Strong expertise in the oil and gas industry is central to Prospero’s ability to create value.

We often times drive accretion synergies by leveraging verticals while aligning unique technologies in establishing market leadership in the sector play.

We also help entrepreneurs accomplish their goals by availing them our financial, technical, operational and executive management expertise. Our passion is derived from partnering with entrepreneurs that share similar values even as we focus our investments in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.


Our team work with opportunities in emerging markets with strong cash flow and great risk-adjusted return potentials. Our proprietary project finance hedge strategies allow us to drive infrastructure projects for the risk-averse investor who are looking for “safer” investments.

With high Sharpe, Sortino and Treynor risk-adjusted ratios, our portfolio is structured to minimize the downside risks while taking advantage of the above market unbounded returns from these emerging markets

ADVISORY – Connecting the Dots

We aim to partner with organizations and help them reach the next level of performance.

We bring new and innovative ideas with our deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities – we are committed to work shoulder to shoulder with organizations to deliver positive business outcomes at speed and with certainty, while helping them manage associated risks.

Our holistic approach to implementing best practices in organizations allows us to connect the dots while deploying strategies that moves the metrics in the positive direction.


Our proprietary logistics and supply chain end-to-end strategies ensures that oil and gas trading transactions are conducted in a transparent manner while eliminating all the associated bottlenecks